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Dream with us. . .

The ICC dream began in 2002 in the home of a dreamer, Pastor Tyus Nedd and his wife Patricia and 40 individuals who envisioned a multicultural, multigenerational, multiracial dream factory; discovering, developing and deploying the dreams of people from all nationalities and ages. On March 2, 2003 the dream moved from Pastor Tyus’ as a place of great enterprise. As you enter International Christian Center, you will find creative, innovative and genuinely caring people. The ministries are practical, the worship is engaging and energizing, and the teachings are relevant, exciting, dramatized experiences. All these factors help to create an authentically caring and preparing community of believers. We hope that you not only read about the International Christian Center story, but that you will also come out and experience it yourself.

OUR VISION is to empower and strengthen people to become spiritually mature disciples.

OUR MISSION is to be a multicultural, multiracial and multigenerational church that restores, equips, strengthens, and trains people for success.


Caring for God | Mark 12:30

Caring for Each Other | 1 John 4:7

Caring for the Lost | Matthew 18:11

Caring for the Church | Ephesians 4:16

Caring for the Community | Acts 1:8

Caring for Excellence | Colossians 3:17