Engage Men's Ministry is focused on helping men of all ages discover, prepare, declare and lay claim to the promises of God in their lives.

Age: 18+

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Young Adults

ALLURE, is a group of young, driven, compassionate individuals, all dedicated to applying God's love and word to every aspect of our lives.

Age: 18 - 35



A Fully Persuaded Woman is someone who chooses to believe that God is able to do whatever He has promised.

Age: 18+



Greater Than Youth Ministry impacts the lives of youth (6th – 12th grade) by helping them grow their faith and discovering their destiny. We discuss today’s issues by using relevant messages that help our students right now, every day.

Married Couples

F.I.L.M2 is an acronym for Forever In Love Marriage Ministry. Couples are encouraged through God’s word, and relate it through the process of a film developer.



WOW (Witnesses of the Word) Kids Ministry focuses it attention on children 6 weeks to 5th grade.  We believe that the word of God has transforming power and at WOW kids we are able to see the effectual, wondrous word in living color.